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Honey Locust Thorn Earrings - Rumination Jewelry
Honey Locust Thorn Earrings - Rumination Jewelry

Honey Locust Thorn Earrings

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Honey Locust thorn earrings with verdant green peridot bullet settings. Cast into solid sterling silver from real thorns found in the forest of Appalachia, with sterling silver ear wires.

The earrings are very lightweight and comfortable. Being cast from real thorns, they are vaguely sharp, although they have been smoothed a bit. They are just under 3" long.

While reading up about the Honey Locust I found an interesting correlation noted by a biologist. He said that anywhere he found Honey Locust, he was almost guaranteed to find a Cherokee archaeological site. Originally, the Honey Locust was dispersed by the Mastodon, but since its extinction, the main method of dissemination was White tailed Deer and Native Americans. So named for its honey-sweet pods, they carefully cultivated the Honey Locust tree for its sugar, the wood for weapons, and its spiritual significance. He concludes “Native Americans were shaping their environment long before the colonial period. Instead of pyramids and temples, they left their mark in the ecosystem they helped to create.”